5 Ways to Fit Your Workout In This Week


I could give you all the free workouts in the world, direct you to all the right YouTube channels, and tell you the best foods to eat to fuel your workouts. I could even buy those foods and put them in your fridge. I could come over to your house and do your workout with you, but if you’re not willing to make time in your life, and create a habit of regular exercise, then you just aren’t going to get it done.


All the expensive yoga clothes in the world aren’t going to make you go to that class, if it’s not a priority.


The membership to the nicest gym, the one with the best open hours, or the closest one to your office, just ISn’t going to make you get off your ass and do the work.


We have to know how to make it work. We have to decide that our health is the most important factor in our lives.


Even writing this list, sharing with you my BEST tips for fitting in a workout, won’t make you workout. But if you use these tips to take action, then you will put yourself on the right track to living your best and healthiest life.


I truly, in my heart, want EVERYONE to live a long, healthy and happy life.


It breaks my heart when I can’t change one person’s perspective on their own well being.


But that’s not my responsibility. My responsibility is to use my experience and knowledge and share what I have learned with as many people as possible, and just hope that they will take it to heart and make a change.

So here they, my 5 BEST tips for Fitting in your workout this week:


  1. Get up earlier – I’ve said it before and I’m going to keep saying it until you people finally clue in. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier. Turn off the TV, put your phone away, and go to sleep. Set your alarm and get up before your kids and whoever else lives in your house and workout. You will be dragging the first couple of days but it will improve your life from every angle. You will feel better from the jump, having moved your body right away. You will have more patience, having had a few minutes alone. This is the biggest change you can make with the least amount of effort.
  2. Don’t turn on the TV until you’ve done your workout – Now will you make it work? How about you can’t look at your phone until you’ve done work out? If you enforce an incentive like that, all of a sudden it makes it possible to fit it in. I think of it like being a kid and mom says you have to do your homework before you can play. Do your homework!! And then you can watch this week’s episode of the Kardashians.
  3. Ask for help – One of those people who is constantly saying “if you ever need a hand”. Get them to watch your kids for 30 minutes so you can sweat. Tell your husband/ partner/ parent, “I need 10/20/30 minutes to workout.” And then go do it. The dishes will always need to be done, the laundry will always pile up, but if you see an opportunity in your day when you can fit in the workout, DO IT. Even if it means sharing your responsibilities with a friend or family member. This IS what friends are for.
  4. Plan it – Pick 2-3 days a week, pick a time of day that works for you, and COMMIT. This is hard for us moms, because our schedules are unpredictable especially the younger our kids are. But I know you could at least say, “Monday morning, Wednesday night, Friday morning.” So Monday morning you don’t fit it in till 11:45 am. That’s okay, you’re going to make it work because it’s on the schedule ( you put it there). Wednesday night, you have to PVR your favourite show any way so wait an extra 30 minutes to watch it because you have to fit in your workout. Friday morning comes and you actually kind of like doing those deadlifts so you’re looking forward to getting up and having a little quiet time with your weights.
  5. Do it with your kids – What I mean by this is, stop waiting for them to be asleep, or out of the house, or otherwise occupied. Just start doing it. They will annoy you, of course they will. But they will also annoy you if you don’t workout. In fact you will deal with them a lot better once you’ve had your workout. If they want to join you, which they likely will, give them their own resistance band and have at it. If they think that what you’re doing is boring, then let them find something else to do. This, like any other practice, will be strange at first, but if you start today, and for two weeks your kids act weird about it, then by the end of the month they will be used to it. As in by the time they’re done school and activities and no one to annoy but you for two months. Just one more reason to start today.


I know you can implement at least one of these tips this week and get at least one workout in. Or implement them all get all your workouts in. Remember, it’s okay to ask for help. That’s what friends are for. That’s what family is for.


Your physical and mental health are so much more important than your shows on TV. Or your Facebook newsfeed. They really are. And once you get that, you will see how much time you actually have to exercise and focus on improving your life.


It’s okay for your kids to see you workout. If you had seen someone workout daily when you were a child it would probably be a habit for you by now. Why not give your kids a head start.


It’s okay to workout and let your kids be bored for a few minutes. Kids are no good at being bored these days. I know because mine are particularly bad at it. But we have to let them do their own thing sometimes, or we will never get time to do ours.


I genuinely want you to exercise. I see all the good it brings into my life and I want that for you. I want everyone to wake up happy and excited about the day.


Right now, for example, I’ve already been up for two hours and my kids are still sleeping. This is when I write, so it’s important for me to get up first.


But I’ll tell you, now that I know it’s 7:00 am and their usual wake up time, I can’t wait to see them!


How do you really feel like that? That you can’t wait to see your kids? I’m guessing not that often. I used to DREAD the moment when their cries would wake me.


Now I’m anticipating their little footsteps as I’m finishing my second cup of coffee…


<3 now.. what’s for breakfast?



Better Hair in 4 Weeks – Less is More


Are you ready to get dirty?


Ever wonder why some people can go days and days without washing their hair but yours seems to be greasy just a couple hours after getting out of the shower? What if I told you you were doing it all wrong. What if I told you less is more. Less product, less often, less stress = better hair. I’m not messing with you, this is the path to holy hair enlightenment.


With all that comes a little discomfort. There are going to be itchy days. But that won’t last. I’m teaching you the way. I will guide you step by step. If you want to have less greasy hair, if you want to spend less time washing your hair. If you want to have healthier shinier more luscious locks then you need to do what I tell you in the next 5 steps. That’s that. Follow along, play by the rules and you WILL spend less time in the shower, less money on products and less time styling your hair.



  1. Buy better shampoo.

This is a must. Even if you only use for this process and then go back to your brand afterward. It will make a big difference in how many days you can go between washes. I recommend a clarifying shampoo, especially for the process of getting more days out of your clean hair. Try this one Live Clean Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Shampoo.


First things first.


I promise you, you’re doing it wrong.


And if you even follow only this first step, you will have healthier and more manageable hair. But humour me, let’s go all the way. Give me 4 weeks, and you will save money, time and energy. Guaranteed.


It’s not as much about when you wash as it is about how you wash. The scrub is vital. We become so complacent with the lather-rinse-condition that we don’t really think about making our hair clean, or cleansing our scalp. This is the reason we are washing our hair, but we just go through the motions.


So if our hair’s not clean when we get out of the shower, what the hell did we get in for?


If it’s greasy on the day you wash it, it’s definitely not going to get any cleaner by the end of the week. You have to start at the beginning, and that means washing your hair. And after you wash your hair, you have to rinse it. Like really rinse. If you put some shampoo in there and then do a shitty job of rinsing it, you’ve probably left a bunch of shampoo in there too. So you’re leaving it even dirtier than when you got in. So yes, you have greasy hair, but it’s not “just how your hair is”, it’s the way you wash your hair. So get in there and scrub. Scrub til it’s squeaky clean. And then rinse. Rinse for two minutes. I like to count to 200. The rinse is so important, you can not skip this step.


2. Week 1 – Shampoo every other day


If you’re an every day washer, who has no time to shower, like so many of us are, I want you to wash your hair every other day.


Just like I told you up there in #1, you have to wash your hair smarter. Really scrub, really rinse, use a little conditioner, and rinse with cold water. And then don’t wash the next day. If you want, buy some dry shampoo. It soaks up some of the oil on your scalp and makes your second day hair look more like first day hair. I will warn you though, dry shampoo is still a product you’re putting on your head, so while it will make your hair look cleaner, it could make your hair feel dirty. It might make your scalp itchy. So if you’re sensitive to those kinds of sensations you may not want to use it. Or you may want to save it for step 4 when you are going 5 days in between washes and you can save it for on the last day. Dry shampoo is great tool and I use it myself all the time, but if you don’t like the feeling of stuff in your hair, don’t use it. Just don’t.

3. Week 2 – Wash every 3rd day


Sticking to the plan. Every time we add in that extra day -yes I know-  the first couple will make you crazy. Just find something else to think about. It’s just your hair.


Let that dirt go for two days.


Now that you know the steps, you can give yourself that really good wash and enjoy it for a couple days. Try not to hot style on the first day – as in wear your hair au naturel. I know this isn’t ideal for everyone’s texture so if you have curls that need taming go ahead and put that curl cream in, and if you have frizzy hair tame it with a little oil, but use as little product and heat as possible.


Your hair is gorgeous, and the less stuff you do to it the more you will see it’s natural texture coming out. Save the styling for the days when it starts to get dirty and needs a little extra love.


4. Week 3 – Wash 2 times this week.


You are almost there. In fact staying here is a journey all in it’s own. But why stop now?


By now your hair is feeling fab. You’re a new woman. And those 6 extra minutes you used to spend daily in the shower + the 15 you spent drying + the 2 you spend just holding one little piece this way, that way, this way, that way, trying to cover up the greasy part, you used to squeeze in this quickie workout so you are stronger and sexier too!


Avoid ponytails as much as possible. Wear a braid, wear soft headbands or if you must wear a ponytail for the gym or playing with the kids, use a soft hair tie like Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring Black or these elastics – Popband Hair Ties, Autumn. Your scalp can’t breathe with a tight pony tail in so you will get an accumulation of dry dead skin (yuck) which will become itchy and even possibly painful.


5. Week 4 – Go 5 days without washing.


Are you ready for this? Duh, of course you are.


Wash your hair once every 5 days. Can you imagine even doing that? You’ve come so far from wasting SO MUCH DAMN TIME on your hair, when it was gorgeous and perfect all along. All that time you were spending was actually making it worse, not better.




I seriously only wash my hair once a week. And now so do you. How awesome is that? You are using less than 20% of the shampoo and conditioner you were a month ago! You are saving time, money and energy. It’s hard to believe you wasted all those precious minutes on your hair just a few short weeks ago.


What will you do with all that extra time? Will you read a book? Start a new workout program? Just good old coffee drinking time?


At least one person is going to ask you what you’ve done, what’s different about you, and how did you do it??


Let’s review that 5 day stretch and how you’re going to get a full week out of one wash!



Day 1 – Scrub with your shampoo, RINSE for at least two minutes! Use conditioner, as little as you can get away with. Rinse it out with cold water.

Let your hair air dry. At least to 75% dry. Use minimal products and heat.

Days 2&3 – Use a little product to spice it up. Maybe use the flat iron on the ends or to shape the pieces around your face. A little hairspray won’t hurt 😉

Day 4 – Maybe it’s time to use a little dry shampoo. You can move your part a half inch to the side to give the illusion of more volume. Comb your hair, don’t brush it. Use a flat iron or styling wand to style the hair around your face. No tight ponytails.

Day 5 – So here’s the last day. Your hair doesn’t look perfect, but on day 5 it’s still better than it was on day 1 when you were washing every day!


You look better. In fact your skin is even looking better because you spend less time in the steamy hot shower and your face isn’t coming in contact with as many hair products. Think about it, you wouldn’t wash your face with shampoo would you??


Sticking it out was totally worth it. But don’t keep it a secret. Tell your mom’s group and your co-workers about it!


You’ve gotten so many compliments you can’t help but wonder how it would look if you went a little longer … if you can go 6 or 7 days…


And now that you’ve got gorgeous effortless hair without wasting hours a week washing & drying, you can spend your time getting into the BEST damn shape of your life! In the #BetterAfterBaby Community. Join FREE, right here 🙂