5 Hip Stretches for Moms [who sit a lot]

I would also recommend this to all moms who have either been pregnant or given birth. So I’m talking to moms who care for babies. Or have cared for babies. Or children. All the moms. I’m talking to you!


Your body just doesn’t move like it used to. Sometimes it feels like it’s not even your own any more? That feeling, when you get up with the kids in the night and your hips are so stiff it’s like you shuffle instead of walking. I’ve been there. With each pregnancy it feels like it gets worse. And sitting at a desk, sitting with babies, well just plain sitting creates more and more tension in the hips, day after day.


It seems like it’s too easy to build tension in the hips, but almost impossible to release it. Most of us don’t even know the difference between a hip stretch, side stretch, and quad stretch. Most of us are so tight we couldn’t even feel the differences in these stretches if we did.


I, too, have sore, painful hips. Which leads to sore knees, which leads to back pain, which leads to one miserable mama if I don’t take care of it. So I put together these 5 hip stretches for moms who sit a lot. These are stretches I do almost every day, most especially on days when I’ve done more than my fair share of sitting.


You want to feel better, you want to move freely within your body and enjoy your life pain free. These stretches will make that possible. Follow the instructions carefully, read all the way through first. Tight muscles are tender muscles and you don’t want to hurt yourself trying to feel better! Take it slow, and allow your body lots of time and space to get used to these positions – since they are likely the opposite of how you spend most of your time!


Here they are: 

5 Hip Stretches for Moms {who sit a lot}


When focusing on releasing one part of the body, it is essential that we don’t focus too much on that part. What I mean is, all of the muscles in our bodies are connected, and it impossible to just stretch one of them. When we want to focus on the hips, we need to pay attention to the legs, back and buttocks as well. No one muscle in the body works alone, so it’s important to listen to your whole body as you move through these postures.


(***if you’ve got 9 minutes, CLICK HERE try this happy hips flow from my YouTube Channel!***)


#1. Standing Quad Stretch: 

Standing on one leg, find your balance before reaching back, to grasp the top of the same foot with the same hand. Keeping the knee of the bent leg slightly behind the hip, push gently into the hip flexor and feel the quad begin to lengthen. Stay here for 30 seconds before switching to the other leg.




#2. Wide Leg Forward Bench & Reach:

Standing with legs wide apart, point your toes toward the front of the room. Inhale, standing up tall by lengthening the spine, and on your exhale hinge forward at the hips. Take your hands down to your mat and take a few breaths here, feeling the deep fold in the hips.

Once you’ve gotten comfortable here, start to shift the hips from right to left, keeping the legs straight. Push into the right hip, feeling the left hip rise, and then shift back to the left. Repeat this 6 or 8 times to start to release not only the hips but all the muscles that surround it.

Coming back to centre with the hips parallel, begin to walk the hands over towards the right foot, either grasping the ankle or the top of the foot. Take a few breaths here as you feel the side body and back begin to unravel. After 5 -6 rounds of breath, walk the hands to the left and repeat.




#3. Runner’s Lunge:

Take a long stance on your mat, one foot in front of the other. Reach toward the front foot and bend the front knee, placing the hands on either side of the foot. Keep the back leg straight and allow the hip to sink lower, closer to the ground, with each exhale. Stay here for 5-10 breaths, depending on your comfort and level of flexibility.

After 5-10 rounds of breath bring the front foot back to meet the back, and repeat on the other side.





#4. Half – Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch:

Begin kneeling and bring one foot up to the mat, so that both knees are bent at a 90 degree angle and you are in a half kneeling position. From here, gently shift the hips forward, only an inch or two, as you squeeze and engage the glute of the top leg. Hold for 10-20 seconds, and repeat on the same side before moving on to the other leg. Keep the hands on the top knee, or reach over head for a more intense side stretch.


#5. Pigeon Pose:

From a Downward Facing Dog pose, bring one knee into the chest, and place it on the mat in front of you with the heel toward the groin and the knee toward the same wrist. Keep the foot flexed to protect the knee from over rotating. Sink your hips and sit up tall, using your hands for support if you need. From here you can stay sitting tall over your hips, or reach forward  and rest the head on the hands or on the mat. Stay here for a few rounds of breath.

After 5-10 rounds of breath, place the hands under the shoulders and lift back into downward facing dog, before repeating on the other leg.


There you have it! 5 awesome & easy stretches you can do right now, at home, in your office, at the playground, wherever #momlife takes you today! And I guarantee, after implementing these stretches into your daily routine,  you will start to feel stronger and more free in your body!

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