About Jillian


I’m Jillian Brittany. I am a mom, wife, friend, coach, sister, daughter and self proclaimed happiness enthusiast.

I love exercise, eating, learning and living. I am all about getting the most out of every experience, good and bad.

I spend my time creating. Whether it’s crafts with my kids, food for my family, or designing new workouts for the website, I’m happiest when I’m building something to put out into the world.

My kids are everything to me, and having the energy and focus to care for them is my main priority. That means taking care of me first. I have to be happy, strong and healthy in order to give them what they need; which is an attentive, positive mom. I teach moms how gain strength, reduce stress and accomplish more by less. I empower moms to find self acceptance, love their bodies, and reach their goals.

I was incredibly selfish before I had kids. I spent all my money, time and and energy on making myself feel good and look good. It all changed when my son was born. I stopped making myself feel good. I let it slip. And it sucked. I wasn’t me anymore and I wanted me back, but where had I left the best parts of myself? At the maternity store among the nursing tanks? On the delivery room floor? Did I cry out my self worth in those first few -horrible- days of breastfeeding?

Either way, I needed to get it back.

I started with working out too much, eating too little and being mad at my body for not changing fast enough.

Strange enough it didn’t work. Sound familiar?

I had to change the way I approached it. So I stopped caring about the things I couldn’t change and focused on the ones I could.

Learning to take care of myself simply and mindfully is the greatest lesson of my life so far. It has made me the best mother, wife and friend that I can be. Self care does not come easily to most moms. I have discovered the formula that makes it work for my life, and it’s my passion to help other moms find theirs. I use yoga, strength training, nutrition, and my relationships to change the way I treat my body, my self talk, and the way I viewed my role as a mother. Every mother deserves to live in self love and self acceptance, and should feel confident in her body, not just the way it looks but as home that you will live in for the rest of your life.