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We’re BACK and better than ever!


Fitness should be fun.

I don’t care what anyone says; if you can’t smile and laugh about the journey, you are headed in the wrong direction.

I’m a mom. I have 3 kids under 6. That shit is HARD.

I know you’re a mom too, which tells me you are both capable of and willing to WORK HARD. But life is complicated enough as it is, if you’re going to workout it needs to be SIMPLE.

So when I reimagined the Better Fit Sisterhood, that was my FIRST concern:



                                              Take me to my #BetterFit ! 👇👇👇👇👇

Whether you are a returning member, longtime looker or brand new to the club, you have found the place you belong. Your fitness journey is about to become so much simpler.


I know you want to get in shape…

Drop the baby weight…

Wear that dress again…

Feel sexy…

Feel strong…


Be the YOU that you love…

But these days it feels like we’re not allowed to want those things! Like we’re somehow flawed for wanting better… and I just HAVE to disagree.
If you want better, healthier, sexier, happier, and are willing to do the work: then you should be commended! Not shamed for being shallow. 


                                                       👇👇👇Find it here 👇👇👇

The New & Improved Better Fit Sisterhood is for you if:
  • you love exercising – but just cannot find the time
  • you are a mom who misses feeling good in her body
  • you want a simple & effective health system (that is actually going to work)
  • you love supporting friends along their journey
  • you are serious about learning to love yourself along the journey
  • you’re not afraid to get REAL and be accountable


Am I speaking right to your soul sister??


If so , this is the place for you.

I built this club so women (moms) just like me (regular ass people) could talk about our workouts, our ups & downs and our struggles along the fitness journey, without feeling judged for our missteps.

I wanted to create the safe space that exists in my in person coaching sessions, but in a way that was accessible to ALL THE MOMS.


And Better Fit was born!

               👇if you’re ready to STOP looking to the past for the best version of           yourself, THIS IS IT 👇


So what is BETTER FIT!?


Better Fit started as a joke… as in: this workout BETTER FIT in my life!!

But it grew from there.

As moms, we don’t need perfect, we don’t need to be fitness competitors. We just need better. A better fit. A better way to get fit, and fitness that fits us better. We need to fit into our clothes better, and feel fitter in them.

But we also needed a better way to get fit. Better than 21dayfixing yourself. Better than insanity. A better way for moms to workout at home, with safe, effective workouts that leave us feeling BETTER (stronger) than when we started.


I’ve searched the internet, and I tried to find the SPACE for women where they could do a good job and try hard and get results, but all I found was plans that require extreme measures, unreasonable time commitments, and a level of self-loathing I’m just not willing to promote.


In the Better Fit Sisterhood we work on loving, liking, accepting and allowing ourselves every. single. step. of. the. way. So when you get to the place you’ve been dreaming of, it’s REAL. And trust me, you will get there. And STAY there.

Sound like your kinda place? Ya, I thought so.


So what do you actually GET as part of the members only Better Fit Sisterhood?

  • exclusive access to the members only Facebook Group
  • weekly livestream coaching calls with yours truly
  • 4 new workouts every month, including strength, HIIT
    & yoga
  • access to me; your knowledgable coach & Sister in all things Better Fit!

All of it – for $20/month (even I can’t believe it!!) SIGN UP NOW before the price goes up !

If you don’t believe it either, hear it straight from the mamas who have been in the club before!


“Jillian knows exactly what us moms need. She knows we don’t have hours to spend in the gym ( or the kitchen ) every week. Her program fits a busy lifestyle and provides shorter, more effective workouts that you can do from home and recipes she has tested in her own kitchen. It is such a relief to know precisely what you need to do each week and have it fit into your life so effortlessly.”-Roxanne J., Calgary, AB

       Better Fit is for You

  • Health is a life long journey. Our needs are constantly changing which means we need to flexible enough to change with them. Being on a strict diet or workout program leaves no room for the chaos and unpredictability of being pregnant or being a mom.
  • I’m sick of the idea that some people can & some people can’t. Just because we don’t all have the same goals doesn’t mean we can’t all achieve whatever they are for each of us. We all want to be better, and we all CAN be better.
  • #noexcuses is bullshit. I have ALL the excuses. And they are all valid. We need a program where it works any way.
  • I want a safe place for moms to make mistakes & learn from them. Can we talk about our slip-ups, our victories, and the lessons we are learning daily. We can lift each other up in solidarity instead of knocking each other down for our differences.
  • The basis of a healthy lifestyle is good habits. I know what they are and I also know all the tips and tricks it takes to make them stick. For good. And I don’t want them to be a secret, because they’re not. I want to share it all with you.
  • I want you to have it all, and I want the same for your family. These habits will give you more energy and take up less of your time. You will have more to give to your family.

 “What I love most about Jillian is her honesty. She’s real, she tells you how it is and she knows the struggles and pains that come with motherhood. She has become a mom mentor to me. Someone I can look up to and ask any question of. Her passion for happiness and health will never go unnoticed.”

Lyndsay C., Guelph, ON

Okay.. So what happens after I buy the program?

  1. You will receive a welcome email with: Invitation to join the Facebook group and an option to purchase an initial coaching call at a wild discount. The first month workouts will be on their way soon!
  2. Join the Facebook group and introduce yourself.
  3. Ask me any questions you have in the Facebook group.
  4. Start making simple strides towards the best you ever #BetterAfterBaby


Yoga for all levels
Yoga for all levels
no tricks - just stress release and pain relief
no tricks – just stress release and pain relief


“I have really enjoyed working with Jillian over the last couple months. Her workouts are great and I especially love the yoga! What I really love most are the mindset talks that she does. Every woman has things that they are insecure about and Jillian understands because she’s been there. She is so easy to talk to and relate to, she just gets it!”

– Laura G, Copiague, NY


                     I believe the best you is in the future! DO YOU?!


  • How much equipment will I need to do the workouts?

Very little. A set of dumbbells, a resistant band and yoga mat is all you will need to get started.

  • What level of difficulty are the workouts?

Anywhere from beginners to athletes. The workouts in this program are designed to fit everyone, with room to make them more or less challenging. You will have access to me in the Facebook group and I can answer any questions and provide modifications.

  • What level of difficulty is the yoga?

The yoga is all beginner level, but will benefit yogis of all experiences. No complicated poses. Just relaxation and stress release.

  • Is the program safe for pregnancy and postnatal?

Absolutely. In fact I insist. The only exception being the first 6 months after baby and/or having been recommended by a physiotherapist or physician not to participate in exercise. I have 3 years of experience in pre/post natal specific exercise and all the exercises are safe for both. If any exercise doesn’t feel right to you, you will have access to me to ask further questions where we can find appropriate modifications.

  • How do I get access to the workouts and videos?

All the nutrition and mindset information will be delivered via email at the beginning of each month. In that email will be links to the new yoga videos and all your new workouts.