My Mission

It is my mission to guide women to a place where their healthy habits become effortless and their weight is no longer connected to their self worth.

I never want another mom to miss out on making memories because she is worried about her body, the way it feels or the way it looks.

I did not have kids so I could sit on the sidelines. I have a family so I can play with them, chase them and teach them. What are we teaching them if we refuse to go to the pool, can’t jump on a trampoline or don’t dance at a party because we are too tired? What the hell is the fun in that?

I committed to live my life the best way I know how, and to learn what I don’t, so that my kids can do the same.

Make your own rules, and stick to them the best you can. When you can’t, let that be okay, too. Give yourself grace. Be open, and allow your rules to change as your life does, and as motherhood does.


These are the values around which Fitness Fits All was built:


  1. Trusting the process. There is no quick fix. Slow and steady wins the race. We are improving our quality life by learning and implementing life long healthy habits.
  2. Love your body, treat it with respect. Accept where you are, and allowing your self worth to inspire the desire to do more.
  3. Practice gratitude. In order to feel genuine happiness and acceptance we must be grateful for the good and the bad, the easy and the challenging.
  4. Having FUN. Even when it’s challenging. Being a mom doesn’t mean your “fun” days are over. Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean restriction and feeling “left out”.
  5. Focus on family. Including your family in your healthy lifestyle. Having a workout program you love that doesn’t take you away from your family, and a nutrition program that doesn’t leave you eating 5 day old chicken out of a Tupperware on pizza night.
  6. One size does not fit all. But fitness fits everyone. Seeing results while staying true to yourself, your tastes and your lifestyle.