The Hospital Bag – What I’m Packing. And What I’m NOT.

So I’m 39 weeks pregnant. With my third baby.  Time to plan what the hell I’ll actually going to bring to the hospital with me to deliver this baby.

People make a big deal out of the hospital bag. There are so many lists online, of what to and not to bring with you. There are rules, must-haves, must-nots and so much more. I really think what you bring with you is entirely personal. I happen to know from experience that I will bring at least one thing I don’t need and forget at least one thing that I do. This is fine! There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Just have some overnight stuff packed, and something to keep your baby warm and the rest will all be fine.

Both my other babies were born after their due dates, so it’s not surprising that I’ve taken no real interest in getting ready for this event. I know it’s important, and there are things I’ll be happy to have, but I just don’t take it that seriously. Like if I forgot just about anything it’s easily replaceable plus the hospital provides a LOT of things for new moms. Not that I’m a new mom, but I will be dazed and confused. So I’ll take all the help I can get.

So I’ve packed the bag. Actually I’ve packed most of the bag… just realized now I’d probably like to have a toothbrush while I’m there( making this amendment now ha! ) I’ll throw that in there today at some point… I think!


So here are the things I am bringing. To my hospital delivery. Of baby #3.


  1.  Clothes for ME: Every time I have a baby I buy myself new sweats to wear home. Nothing is yummier than the soft fabric of brand new sweats against tired skin so I am keeping up the tradition this time as well. I have sweat pants and a sweat shirt that I bought just for the occasion, as well as 2 old reliable v-neck t-shirts.
    Soft & Cozy!

    I also bought some large sized 3-pack cotton panties, that will be comfortable but I won’t miss if I throw them out after all is said and done. Most likely I’ll wear the big mesh bad boys that they provide for you, but just in case I’m packing a couple pairs of these.

    Also a nursing bra! The biggest one I own. For no other reason than that I don’t like things touching me, especially after something exhausting like childbirth.

  2.  Clothes for baby:   a  brand new one for him too. Isn’t he lucky? Thanks to my mother-in-law who loves my kids enough to buy them new things. I would have just found an old stained sleeper and called it a day. So I have two little undershirts and two fleece sleepers. I don’t anticipate being there long but it’s always good to be prepared.Also bringing a hat & scratch mittens. Again, this is just in case stuff. But if we were there for more than a day I’ll be happy to have it!
  3. Blankets for baby: One of George’s old baby ones. Nice and soft and fluffy. And our favourite recieveing blanket for swaddling that we used on both the other babes. Just the right shape and size and stretch for cuddling up little newbies.
  4. Assorted toiletries for me: Hair brush, hair elastic, face cleasing cloths, toothbrush & toothpaste, and tissues. Just the bare essentials. Again, I hope not to need much, but you just don’t know what you will come across in L&D and there are some things I just can’t go without. Like clean teeth.
  5. Pads  – Ugh. I hate this part. But it’s a necessary evil. Just like the big mesh undies, they supply the best ones at the hospital but I am definitely better safe than sorry by throwing some cotton super maxi pads in my bag.
  6. Diapers : For baby. 6 or 8 newborn size. Again, provided at most hospitals but I’m going to carry them with me everywhere for the next year so why not.
  7.  SNACKS: Protein bars and snacks bars. For me and hubby. I have special circumstances given that when I do go into labour my husband will be driving here from his work – which is 4+ hours away. So having a little something for him should he need it seems like the polite thing to do. Plus I heard you’re not supposed to eat while labouring at the hospital?? Try and stop me.
  8. Phone Charger: Again, for myself and my husband. I could be there a while, you never know. I use my phone a lot. And he will coming off a long drive. I feel safe having a phone charger.
  9. One can of wine: YEP. Wine. Equivalent to two glasses of zinfandel. Honestly, I probably won’t drink it, I will be a little preoccupied. I’ll be too excited. I’ll probably be too tired. But like the phone charger,  it makes me feel safe.


I also wanted to include things I’m not bringing, either ones I’ve brought in the past and didn’t need or popular “list” items that I think are really unnecessary.

  • Clothes for hubs – he is a grown ass man and can pack his own panties.
  • Entertainment – music, magazines – thats just not my jam. My phone and my brain will keep me happy.
  • My own robe/pillow/etc it’s risky and birth is unpredictable I know but I don’t plan on staying that long.
  • Nursing pillow – I am down with sidelying nursing and will lie down as much as possible for those first few hours.
  • Baby items: toiletries, creams, nail clippers, booties, swaddlers, co sleeper etc.

    So there you have it. My magical list of things in my magical “hospital bag”. I only want to be helpful, informative, and at the very least entertaining by sharing this info with you. It really doesn’t matter what you bring. Baby will come either way. You will be fine if you don’t have a nightie to wear at the hospital. Baby will be just as happy in pink as in blue. What matters is that you’re healthy and thriving with your new little one.

    The best part about me posting this before I go into labour – is that you can all laugh at me when I forget important things, and the my general over-confidence gets the best of me 🙂

Take my list with a grain of salt. I’d bring tequila with me if I could. I’m just not a preparation person and the hospital is like the authority that makes me want to rebel. I don’t want to be there, so I don’t plan on staying long.

And as always; mama matters. What makes you feel good and comfortable and safe is what you should have with you. If that’s music, your fav book, a yummy robe – then bring it! Fuck it if you have a team of bellboys carrying in your suitcases when you arrive. You need to be comfortable in order to have the safest labour and delivery. So do whatever it takes to make that happen. If there was ever a time to be selfish, this is it.

As you know, I’m all about #selfcare.

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