#WorkoutAllWinter Challenge

Welcome to the

#BetterAfterBaby #WorkoutAllWinter


You’re here, that’s the first step, and I’m so happy to have you. We are an incredible community of women & mamas who believe (or are ready to start believing) that life does not end when we have babies. It’s not “all down hill from here”. If fact, this is just the beginning!

In the #BetterAfterBaby Community, we aren’t looking back at the bodies & lives we used to have, and we aren’t waiting for the future to the “when’s” & “what if’s”.. We are embracing NOW by allowing ourselves to be imperfect and STILL AWESOME. Because that’s where the magic happens.

When we embrace NOW, we get to be  present, enjoy the moment and find the good in what we have, we are living in an #attitudeofgratitude. What better time of year than the season of giving to practice and take part in an inward and outward practice of gratitude, love and appreciation.

Buckle up, mama, you’re in for a transformative 4 weeks!!

sooo….. who exactly is this challenge for?




This challenge is for you!! (psssst…  that’s why you’re here!!)

This challenge is for moms who are sick of living and dreading the stress of Christmas, knowing they’re going to feel like CRAP Jan 1 because they ate, drank and treated themselves like crap for the entire month, and didn’t even enjoy it!!

This challenge is for the moms who are SICK of feeling like they are TRAPPED in the cycle of eating a bunch of crappy food, at a bunch of parties you don’t enjoy (cause you’re eating a bunch of crappy food at them), unnecessary hang-overs, pants-too-tight family events, and the rest of the dreadful holiday things you know all too well.

We are supposed to ENJOY the holidays. So let’s do that, k??

But really: this challenge is for:

  • new moms
  • seasoned mamas
  • moms-to-be
  • grandmamas
  • belly-moms (surrogates, moms who have lost babies, lost pregnancies, or given up babies for adoption)
  • soul mamas (adoptive moms, foster moms, interim mamas)
  • any & all versions, interpretations of mom that mean you care for others, often at the cost of your own care. 

Why Should I Participate In This Challenge? What Do I Get?



GIRL – let me tell you.


You get amazing free workouts.


You get access to a BLOW-YOUR-MIND incredible community of moms.


You get LIVE trainings with me, your coach Jillian Brittany, where I share

never-heard-before lifestyle tips, mindset makeovers and so much more.


You get access to my favourite recipes & more in the #BetterAfterBaby FREE handbook!!!


AND you get to feel BETTER on December 31 than you did on Dec 1.


Let me say that again:


You WILL feel Better, Stronger, Healthier, Sexier, Happier, Fitter AFTER the holiday season, than you did before.


Something I’m guessing has never happened to you before.


And you get to have fun & make friends while you do it.


(and as an added bonus: a chance to win AH-mazing prizes!!! Including (for the first time everrrrr) One-on-one coaching with me!)


Imagine being able to feel the magic and enjoy the holidays the way your kids do? Right along with them?!  You Can! 

yessssssss take me to the #WorkoutAllWinterChallenge!  

How Do I Join? What do I have to do?


ALL you have to do is be a member of the #BetterAfterBaby Community – which you can do RIGHT NOW by clicking HERE….




Of course you have  to follow along, do your best, and make new friends in the community,


But you pay absolutely nothing to be there, I am doing all of this for FREE – because you are AWESOME and I want you to feel AMAZING this holiday, #workoutallwinter, and feel the best you’ve ever felt.


you’re not fooling me……. WHAT’S THE CATCH?!


AH-ha! You got me.


There is a little catch.


I’m also going to offer you incredible deals. Ah-mazing value. And gigantic discounts to work with me, Jillian Brittany, as your coach.

When it’s all said and done, and you’ve spent 4 weeks getting in great shape, learning to allow and enjoy  your incredible baby-building body, after you’ve gained a bunch of new friends…. 


… and learned a whole new appreciation for what you are truly capable, I am going to give you an opportunity to join my Online Coaching Club, the Better Fit Sisterhood – where we will keep the workouts & mindset makeover rolling and really, truly #workoutallwinter!


I’ll be offering over 30% off the monthly membership,  50% off private coaching calls, and SO MUCH MORE just for getting in shape and loving yourself




You have to be in the #BetterAfterBaby community to get these offers and participate in the challenge:




What are you waiting for?!!


This is what you’ve been waiting for.


That dress.. In your closet.. The one you LOVE, that cost a little extra, and you’ve been saving for a special moment, you’re gonna wear.


With no spanx.


With no fear.


And with NO regret.


You are going to rock every holiday event, every family party, and anything else the holidays throw at you this year!!